Who We Are
Giving back to the community in a positive way!

The Superior Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) is a civic organization with a purpose of training the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership skills are learned through the hands-on experience of being involved in our various projects throughout the year. The Superior Jaycees are involved in many activities in the Superior-Douglas County area - be it a fundraiser, a community event or a social activity.

All of our members are between the ages of 21-39. A few of the great things about the Jaycees is the exposure to networking and meeting new people that are your age that are also interested in giving back to the community in a positive way!

The Superior Jaycees are a chapter of the Wisconsin Jaycees and the US Jaycees. We serve Douglas County with our headquarters in Superior.





Our Mission:

To provide men and women ages 21-39 the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills through local community action and organizational involvement while expanding the Junior Chamber movement.